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Important Announcement.

Hello Singularis Community, I am Sorry for the lack of Content updates right now we have had a lot of issues with developers, goody is our only developer me and speedy handle all other things needed to run a server, (advertisement, Social media, website/forums etc)  goody has done so much for this server and now he's in abit of a busy time atm, so we are working on trying to find another dev maybe even two to help wake content out, we have payed for a few tasks that now we are having to get refunded, so just know we haven't stopped bothering with the server me speedy and goody all work, and then as soon as we are home we are here working on something related to Singularis. I promise we are trying our best to sort out all bugs and get all the new content we have planned out and live, thanks for your patience. - Kieran, Goody, Speedy - & the Staff Team.
Forum downtime and New client!

Hello Singularis players, As most of you noticed the forums went offline last night. We had some issue's with our webhost. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, our launcher lately is a bit slow we are working on a fix asap, but till then please use this client! Keep an eye on the forums for any new updates!   ~ The Staff Team SinClient.jar
Welcome Singularis Community

Welcome to the new forums guys, recently we have had a lot of donations from yourselves, and like we promised we spend any donations on unkeep and content, so we have decided to upgrade to IPB forums those of you that's don't know they are one of the top forums to use, easy to work with and over all in my experience they are the most efficient. But that's not all we have also been spending a lot of donations on advertisement, if you are new you may have seen our banners on a lot of the toplists, and we have recently started advertising over social media so if you haven't followed us on Instagram or added us on Facebook what are you waiting for help us spread the word;). Also alittle heads up we are looking into having our website made so we have homepage, forums , vote donation page and high scores all with the same theme so that the entire website looks smart and proffessional.  We have been working on some big updates ingame aswell goody is working round the clock, we've hit a few hiccups but bare with us once we've tested everything it will be released.   thanks for reading    - The staff team -
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